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Maintaining security is the shared responsibility of all residents at The Park Apartments.  It is therefore essential that extra care be taken when entering or exiting the buildings, ensuring that no one unknown to you is permitted to enter at the same time to gain unauthorised access and they use their fobs or keys to enter the premises. 

If your apartment, car space or storage cage have been subject to a break-in, immediately notify the South Melbourne Police and the Building Manager (via email  

External entry / exit doors must not be propped open and you should ensure they close securely behind you.

Please report non-closing gates immediately to the Building Manager.

24 Hour Security

A professional security company has been contracted, Excell Security  Ph: 1800 800 476.

Call if there are any URGENT security issues.  Excell undertake nightly security patrols around the complex.

If Excell are called to the pools or gymnasium as a result of a disturbance, the cost of this additional service plus a $100 administration fee will be charged to the apartment owner.

All doors and pedestrian gates which provide entry to the building and entry from car park to lobbies have a proximity fob reader issued to residents which when swiped will allow access to the door or pedestrian gate for entry.

Apartments fitted with an audio/video intercom system allows remote opening of the secure pedestrian entry gate at street level.  The visitor will then enter the lobby entry where you may open the entry door for them to access the building via your intercom system.

Lifts are also controlled by fobs and access is only provided to the level where your apartment is located.

All fob activity is monitored and recorded.  Each fob has an unique number.  In the event of loss, please report immediately to the Building Manager ( so the fob can be deactivated.


In House Security

All buildings are secure and car parks have 24 hour video surveillance.



Cameras are located throughout the buildings, lifts, car parks, gymnasium and pools.


Restricted Key

Available through the Owners Corporation Manager.


Access FOB

Fobs are restricted and Owners Corporation approval is required for extras.  A fob can be ordered and paid for from the Owners Corporation Manager.  Once approval and payment has been received by the Owners Corporation Manager, the Building Manager will issue the fob.


Access Remote Control

The remote control can be ordered from the Owners Corporation Manager.  Electronic security gates are accessed by a vehicle gate remote control.  All garages require a remote control for access.

Please ensure when entering or leaving the building, you do not allow anyone you do not know to enter the premises. 

When driving in and out of the garage, please wait for the doors to close completely behind you before driving away.  We have experienced some vehicle break-ins and in all instances, the thieves gained access into the car park by following drivers who failed to wait for the gates to close.  Do not leave any valuables in your vehicle.


Apartment Door Keys

Owners responsibility.  The Building Manager does not have keys for these doors.


Letterbox Locks and Keys

Owners responsibility.  Unfortunately letterboxes are not secure.  It is recommended that the lock be changed when new owners move-in.  The Building Manager does not have keys for letterboxes and the Owners Corporation are not responsible for the lock.


Storage Cages in Car Park

It is recommended that all storage cages be entirely covered with a dark coloured plastic sheet to conceal contents.  Since cages have internal lighting, do not use see through mesh as stored items are still visible.